We believe better outcomes are achieved through targeted clinical approaches to care.  In fact we know, the science is clear, matching clinical profiles to treatment pathways produces better health and cost results.

We also know the importance of connecting with clients/patients and understanding their individual needs. It gives us a view into their world and state of mind.  Human connection coupled with knowledge and data yields predictive insight to take measurable action. Empatha unlocks the path to positive outcomes.

We bring technology and patient centered approaches together. Whole-person assessment (i.e., biopsychosocial) moves all of us forward to achieving optimal outcomes for those we serve.

We combine our clinical data with existing claims analytics which result in optimized outcomes. 

1 Claim/Injured

2 Assessment: 5 to 15 minutes via web access (functional, workability, psychosocial, expectations)

3 Claims analytics and data driven decisions leading to appropriate care pathways

4 Outcomes and cost savings


Empatha™. The Path Forward. The Path to Outcomes.

Empatha™ is pronounced EM-path-ah. Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings or a condition of another. Empathy is known to increase prosocial (helping) behaviors. The ‘a’ in Empatha meaning ‘to’ which represents a path to or forward.



Why and How

Empatha Outcomes is challenging the status quo. By challenging the status quo, we optimize health and financial outcomes.

We are innovators in the health care, managed care and compensation claims space integrating patient reported outcomes assessment through technology applications. Our assessment applications produce better results by matching an individual’s clinical profile with targeted treatment pathways.

Technology and Science

Our technology platform integrates with insurance carriers, employers, case management companies, managed care companies and health care providers. We bring the latest evidence-based patient reported assessments to organizations focused on improving clinical and financial metrics.  

Our SaaS (software as a service) platform integrates with your existing technology and organization. Empatha's assessment and algorithms lead to better patient engagement and optimized treatment pathways. We match individuals with the most effective interventions. 

Whole-person Assessment

All clinical guidelines recommend complete consideration of the the whole person (i.e., biopsychosocial). We can no longer only assess physical function and expect to acheive good outcomes. Rather an integrated approach to assessment and care has been recommended by the most notable clinical guidelines that influence decision making in workers' compensation, disability and commercial health.